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NBA Youngboy –  Change mp3 download


NBA Youngboy continues to 4-pack EPs to round out the summer.
 NBA Youngboy –  Change/ NBA Youngboy’s 4Freedom EP comes to us in a modulated 4-part series, following the first instalment 4Respect with Kevin Gates. Since the first part in the series addressed his professional aspirations, it was only natural that NBA chose to consider personal implications the second time around. On “Change” Youngboy catches himself dead in the act of moving too broadly, his anxiety fast becoming an immovable object in the road. To his credit, NBA pledges to slow his motion, so he can rethink the lessons of the day.

On “Change,” NBA’s memo to himself contradicts the anxious percussive elements of production, in all likelihood in place to convey a limitation of time (to render his life-altering decisions). NBA hops out of a hypothetically bad situation with a pledge to never revisit those circumstances. While nobody in their right mind is going to ostensibly check to see if he kept his word two years from now, the confessional aspect of his music does serve purpose all in itself. His music is like a Confectionary stop for his overly curious fans, yet for NBA songs like “Change” exist as a grave reminder of an unpleasant reality he must exorcise all by himself.

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Quotable Lyrics:

But I’m starting to see that they all are the same
And I don’t see myself with nobody
Cause you are the only one that can heal my pain
Some say I’m crazy cause I don’t want the love
They say I wanna go to jail cause I won’t do what they say
No I won’t never take her name off my face.

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