XXXTENTACION’S Girlfriend is pregnant with a baby, his mother confirmed

XXXTENTACION’S Girlfriend is pregnant with a baby, his mother confirmed


XXXTENTACION’S Girlfriend is pregnant with a baby, his mother confirmed

There will soon be a junior  XXXTentacion playing  around.
The deaths of XXXTentacion and Jimmy Wopo still weigh heavy on our hearts near the end of the week. Both artists had so much potential and for their lives to be taken away so suddenly is absolutely tragic. With advancements happening quickly in the investigation of XXX’s murder, his mother remains a vocal source for many updates regarding his death. She noted last night at a vigil that tattoo artist Dedrick D. Williams had been arrested in connection to the crime. Now, another ray of light is shining after the unfortunate events of Monday as we may be welcoming Jahseh Jr. into the world shortly.

He left us a final gift,” his mom wrote, alongside a photo of a sonogram. Not long after, the same photo appeared on his account with the message “baby jah <3” and “#longlivejahseh.” Earlier in the day, X’s mom was using his Twitter account to reach out to fans, so it’s likely she has control over all of his social media now. The photo left fans with several questions, like who the mom could be, and when they learned the news. Still, fans were thrilled to learn X may have an heir. “Trust you will take wonderful care in this child, X’s presence will live on thanks to you,” wrote one person.

Many people were disturbed that his account is active despite his death, which lead to a ton of confusion. Earlier in the day, his Twitter account posted, “Charity event is still happening this Sunday in Florida. this was Jahseh’s final wish. More details soon,” and followed up with, “Posted on behalf of his mother for any wondering.”

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It’s still unclear who the potential mother of the baby could be. In the past, X admitted to trying for a baby with his ex-girlfriend Geneva Ayala. Apparently she got pregnant, but then had X arrested for domestic abuse, and the baby was never born. People quickly rushed to her page to question if she was now pregnant with his baby, but a fan pointed out that she commented “congratulations” on his mom’s post, so that’s unlikely. It seems like we’ll just have to wait and see.

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