Tyler, The Creator –  FAWN

Tyler, The Creator –  FAWN mp3 download


“The day that I met you girl…”
 Tyler, The Creator –  FAWN/While “FUCKING YOUNG / PERFECT” will always be one of everybody’s favorite songs from Cherry Bomb, Tyler, The Creator has moved on to different sounds and new avenues. The artist has been sharing plenty of instrumentals on his YouTube page for fans to enjoy and today is no different. He’s already let us hear “SPRINT” but now, he’s ready to share yet another track with us.

The instrumental to the Cherry Bombstandout has always been pretty fire but as most beats do, it underwent some changes ahead of its release. “FAWN” details those exact changes and allows his biggest supporters to hear the original version of the song. Without vocals, Tyler insists that this isn’t a “rework,” “new mix” or “different version.” Instead, he reveals that this was the original piece. We still can’t help but sing the opening line when it comes on.

Tyler has always had a unique style, differing from the rest of the crowd as he and his Odd Future friends strive to stay away from the norm. From his fashion choices to his musical stylings, Tyler is truly one of a kind and we’re lucky to have him in the landscape of today’s hip-hop world. Check out the instrumental and let us know how you’re feeling (and if you wrote any rhymes while listening to it.)

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