SonReal –  Have A Nice Day

SonReal –  Have A Nice Day mp3

Have A Nice Day

SonReal –  Have A Nice Day Mp3/mp4 download 
Listen to sonreal on His latest song bumps and the video is real jokes.
 SonReal –  Have A Nice Day/ SonReal released new music today. His upbeat single, “Have A Nice Day,” comes with a truly entertaining music video, a Mad Ruk Entertainment production.

The video clip, directed by Peter Huang, takes a cue from surrealist art. SonReal’s head is placed in different locations and on various bodies. He shakes his jelly as a fat man and pants in pleasure while being pet as a dog. He also delivers some bars while placed in the middle of a fruit platter. A feminine body tapdances while adorned with his head too. SonReal is ravishing in red.

Although the video treatment is full of humor, the song’s lyrics speak some truths. SonReal keeps in 100 when he spits about being unbothered in a world full of haters and fakes.

“Have A Nice Day” is the first song off his next project. The future seems bright for the newlywed. After marrying his love earlier this month, the rapper enjoys the glow of his project’s rollout. Stay tuned for the next drop.

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Quotable Lyrics 
They used to wanna see hit me get hit dead by a train
Now they all be catchin’ feelings as they hop up on my rail
Shit got dry, so I’m pullin’ in the whale
Two buckets and fuck it to an L
Jack and Jill went up the hill, but who the hell be down?
Do it for my city, yeah, I do it for my town

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