Ro Ransom –  Possessed

Ro Ransom –  Possessed mp3


Ro Ransom drops off a new 8-track EP called “Possessed.”

 Ro Ransom –  Possessed/ After months of promotion, which included hearing songs like “Wraith” & “Might Go,” Harlem spitter Ro Ransom decides to come through today and share his new Possessed EP.

The follow up to last year’s Momentumproject contains 8 songs in total and features a lone appearance from Kensei Abbot, who appears on three separate records like “Draped In Ice,” “Floetry,” & “Might Go.” Other song titles on the EP include “Wake Up On You,” “Pop,” & “Take Control,” to name a few.

Available now on iTunes, fans can stream the project in its entirety via Apple Music/ Spotify. Hit play and let us know what record you’re feeling the most?

Download Ro Ransom new album 2018 Possessed[mp3 download ]

Possessed album mp3 download 

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1. Pop
2. Wraith
3. Wake Up On You
4. Draped In Ice (feat. Kensei Abbot)
5. Countdown
6. Take Control
7. Floetry (feat. Kensei Abbot)
8. Might Go (feat. Kensei Abbot)

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